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Gainesville I check out the university and see if they have a bookstore that is comparable to the library at the University of Texas. When I find one, I buy all the books I can carry and take them to the park where I can read them out loud on my way back to my car. When I get home, I start practicing the words I read out loud over and over to prepare for the show. In the meantime the movie is being promoted here in the book store area. I find a few titles by authors associated with the movie and spend a couple of hours reading them out loud. You are just now hearing the movie soundtrack, but you are going to go to see it right away. You go to see the movie right away. You leave the University of Florida and drive to Gainesville. Once you are there, you park downtown and walk to the library where the movie is playing. You are nervous about how the movie is going to turn out, but as you watch the film, the actors give a great performance and its almost funny. The movie tells the story of a boy who grows up in a house full of books, but eventually reads more than anyone else. When he meets someone like Belle, she instantly captures his heart. The two of them fall in love and live happily ever after together, you find out later that this is just the beginning of the story. As the credits begin to roll, you feel like you have just witnessed the tale of my first book. You thought that the acting was great and some parts of the story were interesting. You did not like the ending though. You watched the movie during the week, youd like to try to watch it during the weekend. The movie is only going to run for three hours. Even though this will be your only opportunity to see the movie, you decide to see if you can watch it while you drive, and you decide to start the movie when you are driving. You get into your car, turn out the lights and find that youve gotten a little lost. Unfortunately, the movie doesnt show how the movie ends.

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