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Cast: 2 You dont watch it Youre gonna have a hard time telling the difference between a tree and a tree stump. Its like youre having a hard time finding the lines anymore. But then you think you should probably write this down and look things up in some sort of reference book first, so you try to concentrate on your drawing and dont worry about what your eyebrows are doing. The next day though, you manage to get some writing down. Its hard to concentrate on your drawing when you have a headache. The next day the headache starts going away and you get around to writing:Weird Things Happen In Beauty And The BeastYoure not sure where the thought came from, but once you wrote it, it quickly escaped your mind. For the rest of the week, the headache is still there, but not nearly as bad as it used to be. You go to see a magic doctor, who diagnoses you with a headache that is coming from a witch doctor inside you. While this doesnt exactly solve your problem, it does mean you now have the excuse to take the day off work. It also means you can finish your story. You finish it thenYou finish it and youre done with your story. Five days later, you get a letter saying that they want to see it, but you have to come to Hollywood. They say you have to come to their office at 10140 Sunset Blvd. Where youll have the chance to see the next installment in the classic fairytales. They also tell you that they want to hear your ideas for the movies. Your ideas include a girl that dreams of her prince charming, or prince charming of her prince charming princesss that get in trouble for their actions, a ghost that helps the characters and so much more. After you leave, you go to the magic shop where the doctor gave you the headache potion. The doctor says you should try to put that in your body because it has healing and protective properties. You take the potion and start to feel better. Except you feel like you have a headache again. You go back to the doctor who tells you that you should stick with the potion the.

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