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You dont say anythingYou feel like if you did, it would only make her more upset. If you start talking to this guy she might even get jealous and tell him she loves him. She probably wouldnt even be able to convince you of that given youre with her right now. You just sit back and listen to the music playing and just enjoy the time you are with her. The fact that you are with her doesnt lessen the fact that she is beautiful in everyway. Your hands are on her body and moving and you dont even mind. Its like you cant help yourself, you start playing with her hair and feel it tickle your fingers. You dont even mind touching her either and youre not really sure why. Maybe it is because she is your first and that makes you feel a little strange. As you rub your hands and try to feel the right spots and you can see her eyes staring at you. Shes watching you and she probably thinks that you are crazy. You stopYou stop touching and just stare at her body with a half-smile on your face. Wow, your ass looks so round. A couple of minutes later, Ariana Grandeur walks up to you. Nowhere, but we might find our way back to the concert. You start looking at her and start admiring the curve of her ass and the little button of her panties. She starts stammering and touches her legs nervously. You say and then touch her body a bit. Ill admit this shirt is a bit embarrassing so um. Before you even think about it, shes stripping off her clothes. Well you can come back to the concert after all. Id say were getting along better than I thought. You say while getting a little excited by the fact that you had an opportunity for more intimate relationship with another girl before the concert ended. The concert went on like it usually does and it was just the two of you. You had fun so you started to think you would find the music venue again and thats when you noticed a blue car parked in the front yard of a house.

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