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Dot u like talks with others who think you might have been a victim of a sexual assault. It has to be easy being the only one that knew to ask and since it is me you have a nice little piece of mail there to read and I dont care if the recipient is from a big city. Im guessing this is from you, since you were at your moms when I tried to contact you. I hope you like the letter as much as you did the picture. Your Name The envelope clunks closed and I am thankful for the silence that has come over the cabin now. I will start packing up now though, I am starting to feel the need to be alone for a bit if I am going to do what needs to be done. I think I know what I am going to find in this letter though, Im just going to go check. You are going to go find Jennifer nowYou arent going to worry about something like this, not this soon. Im just going to go find her and find out what is truly going on. I dont care if she doesnt want to tell me, because my mission is to get her to tell me and she is my sole link to what is going on here. But first I need to make sure I got everything on the computer. Ill call you as soon as I can and keep you updated as time goes. I wish you luckYour NameYou have a sudden urge to call your mom just to hear her voice again, but you decide that would just make you nervous and that maybe you shouldnt worry about it too much. You are going to make the effort to find out what is going on here anyway, if it means getting her to tell you what is going on. You call your mom and see what she thinks about all thisYou call your mom right away and ask her if everything was exactly as it should be. She tells you that everything is going to be just fine and that you are not needed back here. You leave a message and say that you love her and that you will be home soon. In about a week or so you get a phone call from your mom who says that she is glad to hear your voice and to be able to talk to you again. She then tells you to come back to the cabin as soon as possible, as soon you do she is going to make sure that everything is taken care of so that it isnt a big deal again. You come back home just as quickly as you could to the cabin and see that everyone has been making preparations.

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