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You go back to your room for a whileYou decide to return to your room, it would probably be good to read in peace rather than be disturbed. The door opens and you enter, closing the door behind you. You feel that your room looks better now. You feel as if you have been transported a couple of miles. You start to get scared, but then you think that this feeling is the effects of your drug. You turn around and close the doorYou turn around and close the door, and when you open it, there is nothing outside but a dark and cold night. You return to your roomYour room is in better order now. You sit on your bed and open your book, reading for a long time. At first it is just the normal fantasy nature stories, but the stories get more and more fantastic. And then, as if summoned by a voice, you read some books from the shelves. It was impossible to tell what it was, but the stories were written in a language you dont understand but recognize as your own. They are not just about magic and adventure anymore, but about you, too, and your past in the storyworld that surrounds you. You suddenly feel very lonely and you dont understand why. It is just a drug, and you are too lost in it to notice anything else. The world outside your room is not quite as beautiful as you once thought it was. You have been in a different reality for too long. You leave againYou leave the storyworld, and you find yourself back in your own reality. You are back on your bed, and you are alone. You start to go to sleep and you never wake up. The storyworld is so small and the only possible things to see there are strange, strange creatures, strange, strange events, strange, strange landscapes and strange, strange people. Everything else is just a strange hallucination, part of the drug. You are so happy to be home, but there is something strange about reality. This is just your drug, your fantasy world of stories. You open your eyes and feel something strange. Its hard to talk or move, but you are free. You are in control, just like you were on the last day. The drug is still here, it isnt quite gone; it just affects your perception. You step outside the room and see that it is night as usual, the trees and sky are still as they always are. You havent had a strange experience in a long time, though, so you.

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