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The story:The film starts with a man in a lab coat coming out of a house. Mister Murphy steps into the doorway Oh, youre here. Youre an amazing young woman, Im sure you do know that. Ive been trying since I heard you were being moved there. Mister Murphy is visibly angered You need to ask him. Im sorry, Mister Murphy, I wont be a threat to yours. You dont mean this, but his words do mean something to you. Anyway, Ive noticed youre a little different than the other children at your school. You feel his hands clenching and unclenching on his gun. Ill do everything in my power to protect you. Oh, but right now I really need to see the child. Mary starts to get up, but Mister Murphy isnt ready to go yet. He points his gun at her and slowly walks up to her and puts his arms around her. Mary looks down and closes her eyes. You drop the gun, and feel a sudden numbness come over you. Your heart stops, and you collapse in a heap. Youre so much smarter than you give yourself credit for.

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