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Dan is unable to survive his death by ice chilling. Dan will be taken back to the castle in the ice dusk. You follow the voice up the stairs, past a row of photographs, past a table covered with books. You reach a staircase, at the bottom of which stands a man in a purple robe. Behind him stands a girl in green robes, with long, green hair that reaches her shoulders. She stares at you blankly, and she doesnt seem to notice you. She slowly turns away from you, as you approach. You approach the man, who stares at you blankly. The game, he points at the girl, is to guess the name of the boy, who will die of ice-chill. Ill kill you if you dont tell me the boys name, you say. My father, my father, my father is dead. That will be the last time you see him, the man says. Take off all his clothes, and bind him to a tree. Because I want to show that you, no matter how handsome or well-dressed, have no more power than a naked boy. So you will be bound to a tree, naked, and tied to it by your own wrists. You have been playing the game for five minutes, so have a little fun.

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