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The next morning, you find that the page containing the message has been un-forwarded, so you dont even bother looking for it. You dont even ask Jimmy what happened; maybe he already knows. Two days go by and youre getting worried. Then two days after that, you realize youre awake and texting your sister again. This time shes responding, and she doesnt even appear to be on the fritz. T pay too much attention to what others are writing on your phone. Re a mess right now, the election is going really badly for one candidate, and your girl was upset about it, she is in the middle of one of her parties and was getting upset when I texted you. M done talking with you until you get your mind right. You let her go, and you start to think about the situation again. Re probably going to feel guilt about your actions for the rest of your life. Re going to do it again, but why take that chance. You decide to go over your options in a journal. You take a deep breath and head over to your computer room. Re there, you make a note to get a hold of the internet again after you leave.

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