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T have the right to rule over anyone else. S why you chose to become a monster. T feel like using on the world to start killing everyone. A couple of days later you get the chance. Ve been through way worse than you, are trying to escape the destruction of their town by taking a bus to another nearby town. The next day you see an opportunity and you get in your shitty van and try to murder everyone on the bus. You see a couple of people try to shoot at you, but you manage to drive around them. After killing enough of them that you have to park your van somewhere, it becomes apparent that your plans are still uncertain. You quickly drive your van to a dead end at a rest stop and you wait for the police to arrive. They are not completely dead at this point but this gives you more time to kill them. It is at this point when you think you can probably get away with it. You think that the cop who got killed while trying to kill you might actually testify in your favor. You are asked to step out of the van and are questioned. T a complete idiot and you at least know the basics of how to shoot a gun and how to survive being shot. You get your revenge by killing everyone one at a time. T paying as much attention to you and the three survivors.

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