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You take a deep breath, before you continue to the StubHub screen. You enter the price your looking for, before StubHub prompts your to fill in any special information about yourself. As the site prompts you to pay, you get a message asking for your credit card information. You whisper, trying to pull it out of your pocket. StubHub begins to take your card number, before asking you to press the button to confirm your purchase. You do so, before seeing your screen fill up with the red message that says Its on sale today. You sigh with relief, before your phone beeps. You quickly try to reach out to a line to let your friend know about the deal for cheap tickets. You try to search for your friends name, before you get a message from him. Hey, what the FUCK is a fuckin bitch about a game show. Fuck that, Im not gettin on that fucking bus right now. Im not listenin to that fuckin fuckin bullshit. Your text message begins to go off as he turns off his phone. You continue to the line for beauty and the beast tickets. You enter the number for your friend, before it beeps. Hey, theres a game show on right now, it was about this man and a bear, what do you think. You read out, trying to think of what to say. You ask for the price of the tickets on the back of the ticketsOh, sorry about. Why I cant you just give me the price, I already got a picture of it right on the back of my tickets. He responds, with his face now much more upbeat. Okay alright, just go ahead and give the price, I got a fuckin game show to watch, You say. Its not gonna be a free show, you gotta buy a fuckin ticket to a fuckin game show to see the fucking winner. So, are you gonna send me somewhere so that I can just stay here. I wanna stay here and watch this game show, You ask. Aw, but its not just the show, its the fuckin gift bag too.

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