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You buy the dollsYou pick up the order, but youre not surprised to find its on sale. You order a Beast doll, a cat doll and an orange-striped doll with a bow in its hair. You order Beast dollYou pick up the order. The orange-striped doll looks like something out of a kids cartoon, like one of those things where they draw little people in the drawings and sometimes they have a face and sometimes they dont. Its so different from everything else in the room, youre amazed you arent scared. You dont buy the dollsThe orange-striped doll is all yours. The Beast doll, with his big floppy ears in place of legs turns out to be much more expensive than you imagined. With the delivery time, you have to ask for a pickup at a local Burger King so you can surprise your wife at home after work. A couple days later, you get a call from a Burger King employee. You pick up the dollYou pick up the doll. You put it on your office desk, the one youll be using most. You grab a pen and pencil and write down the phone number so the employee can call you back. You call the Burger King employeeYou call the Burger King employee. 4 too much for a cute little orange-striped doll, but I can still give them to her anyway. 5 less, and I wont give it to your wife. I have to make room for my new order, I cant make more room. You hang up, and when you pick up the phone, the employee says, Yeah. You want to be a big hero who saves all the dolls.

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