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Of course Belle had a much bigger reason than staying around a small town and onlyhere. When the Beast was being held prisoner by the wicked queen in the castle, Belle was the only one who dared to rescue him. In time, Belle and the Beast would marry, and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, the rest of the tale is a bit too much of a farce. As you thought, it is not Belle, but the Beast who is really cursed. He is a prince, and a prince who is already suffering from a mental disease due to his exposure to the Enchantress. He may not be happy in all the world, but he is still a prince. And a prince should always listen to the voice of his or her heart. One does not need to be a magician to know that a prince can never be without a woman, and that the Devil must possess the one who is closest to him. Thus it is not surprising that the story ends with the Prince being consumed by the flames of hell. The saddest thing is that even though the Prince was doomed to eternal torment, the Enchantress is still with him, and she is not the one who is destined to burn in hell. You finish the storyYour story has gotten quite lengthy now. You continueThe Prince knows that to go on like this are inescapable. He has no choice but to accept his fate and be burned in hell. However, he still wants someone to show him kindness. The Beast has no way out, but the Princess. It does not really matter, he has no choice but to show her kindness. Why, because you have not failed yet. You open the door to the castle and walk inside. However, what greets you is not what you expected. There is a fair blonde beauty sitting in the throne. She is dressed in a beautiful gown that is embroidered with flowers and gold. Her long golden hair cascades down her back, and her eyes look at you curiously. Her body is so pretty that it almost hurts your eyes. At the same time, she is a princess, and you cannot help but notice that she is older than everybody else here. Her crown also says royalty, and she obviously has the looks.

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