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When a darkly religious cultists believing that a good man with a good job can rebuild adarksociety, Maurice knew that only by seducing the woman on You are not going anywhere and you are not making eye contact with her. You grab her arm and pull her away from you. You keep goingKeep going, no point in turning back. Youve been thinking about this a lot, havent you. You told me that youve been thinking about this a lot lately, in fact youve been thinking about it a lot ever since we met. You need to get away from her right now. You turn around and head out, running down the stairs as fast as you can. You spin around and see her watching you as you make your way down. Shes angry, but not necessarily hostile. You dont stop, but you turn around and head back towards the dormitory. Well come on then, tell me your plans to escape, otherwise Im going to have to get someone else to do this. And for good measure you need to at least apologize for getting me all worked up. Shes really not in a good mood today and you have made that pretty clear to her. You dont intend to be the reason for her being like that for even longer though. Okay, but just one more thing. I will not listen to your lies the rest of this semester. This will go down in the annals of the history books as one of the worst dates in the annals of your miserable existence. You turn around, but she is already gone, heading back to her dorm and she is gone. You really think I wouldve stayed on if I knew what you were planning. I mean I know youre not a bad guy, I just didnt know you were capable.

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