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S music can be heard as you enter the house. S still in his chair playing a beautiful Bach piece, however, not a single living human being can be found. Your heart sinks as you make this realization. Re not very chatty today, are you. I just try to entertain myself to keep myself occupied. M actually very curious about you and the situation you were in. I was a little upset and worried when I discovered you were not with your mother and father after all. T know what to tell you besides the fact that you would be safe. I guess I was kind of a dummy in some ways in telling you to be strong and be brave. Ve been having a little bit of trouble with him because of it. What happened was he was coming home late one night and was late to his first appointment with his friend last night. He was late again last night and this morning. He got very upset and told me to get the fuck out. T possibly be bothered with any more responsibilities. I could hear him getting angrier the more I tried to reason with him. The more angry he got, the angrier he got. S party, which was just like the first one. He tried to apologize, but I told him he had to do it last. M really fucking tired and need to get some sleep before heading out to some party.

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