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Is all you can think aboutThe title says it all you guess. S also a version of the ballad covering the town, but this one is just a single cover. The first time you heard Evermore was in the movie Beauty and the Beast. It was one of the songs that the dwarves played in a ballad version of the movie that had the lyrics changed to be more appropriate. T remember what specific song it was, but it was a ballad and there was a cover. T going to play the song that your brother played you. Ve been playing with your fingers and with your mouth for quite awhile. T want to make a song that someone else will know and be able to sing. You start to hum it slowly, then you play it loud. And you feel like you could walk into a fairy tale. You feel like you could go into that big tree and you would never fall. You stay here foreverThe forest gets darker and darker. You hear the howl of a few wolves outside your window. Your sister is just doing what sisters do. The sirens become a constant throbbing sound as darkness takes over your bedroom. As your eyes adjust, you see several shadows running towards the front door.

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