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Is it just me, orcough did you guys just fucking put a fucking human being in a movie. Cant you fucking see that is fucking stupid. T even mind the song before; I just got a little bored with it and then this fucking movie happened and I found it to be super offensive and super exploitative and just really fucking dumb. The point is this movie had nothing to do with us. Stevens then goes on to say you seem to be more upset about the movie than you actually are about the situation. T worry about shit, we should just enjoy life now. The problem is, that we are just a fucking symptom of a much bigger issue. Well, if the world is this fucked up, then it would seem we should go take out the ones that are causing the problem. T see how one person can do it. Re not here to tell you what to do. Re not the ones you need to be worrying about. S tone makes it clear he thinks you already are having fun. T even stop ourselves from doing the bare minimum of evil.

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