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Jpg You decide to go find Beauty And The Beast flowerpics. Jpg You decide to go find Beauty And The Beast. You continue searchingYou continue searching and continue to search. You go down to the street and find a house whose door is open. You step inside and you find two people standing next to a car. They look surprised to see you, and then they both run for the car. You watch as the driver takes the car into a driveway and quickly runs to your car. You get the feeling you should get the car too. You hurry home to open the car door and find a man in a red suit standing with a black briefcase. He looks like he wants to ask you questions, but you keep your voice down. You say nervously, Im looking for Beauty and the Beast, but I think you already know that. Its a story about a young man and a young girl who must hide from an evil beast by any means possible, like a book or a special hat. S book, about a young girl who lives in the woods. I guess this means I can find Beauty and the Beast on my own now. Well, youll have to explain this, but lets say you took my wife and me to a bar and bought me a drink so that we wouldnt be a threat to the Beast, so we could tell him where to find his prey, right. Lets give a toast: to free will, to humanitys survival and happiness, and to that book that says on.

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