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There is no such thing as male or female in this insane world of the Beast. Beast does not recognize his own gender. You lean your head in close, and whisper to her softly. When you were a little girl, you had a very strong desire to be a girl. As you begin to walk out of the cabin, you hear a series of very loud noises coming from outside. Lets just get inside and get this over with. You slowly open the door, and see the front entrance of the mansion. But, it doesnt take long for you to learn that everyone is indeed here. When you walk in the entrance hall, you see a few figures milling about in the shadows. Some of them are dressed in white in the traditional Disney style, but there are others in more drab clothing. Most of them are holding bats, but you notice some holding spears as well. You ask, as you stand in the middle of the entrance hall. One figure says, turning into a goblin. We saw several people come out of these rooms. Some of them were dressed in white, while others were. But all of them were dressed in what looked to be armor. I need to go take these people to the stables and get a horse to take them to the next town. I need to go check out the other rooms. Theres a lot more of them in here than there were in the stables. You say, turning around to see if the figure will follow your command. Yeah, I think Ill do that, but youre still here. Alright then, lets get you out of here. You walk over and sit by Anna, while she looks at you, confused. Nothing, its just, you werent here all the time when I was little. You didnt know me as a little girl, so you didnt know.

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