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You leave the building, heading back towards the carYou head back to the car, turning your key in the ignition and driving away. You drive on for about a mile, hoping to get out of the area. Eventually you look up and see the moon is nearly full, and you can see no sign of the buildings from here. You sit silently in the car for a minute, before you finally break the silence. You walk back to the buildingYou slowly walk towards the building to seek help, and you do so. Theres one a few miles north of here. One of the other services of this shelter is to provide sexual contact with animals. So that means one more person will have to leave this building, and the world, on a rescue mission. We would have to call that person here in a minute. No, sir, youll have to contact me or someone else thats still at the shelter. You want to come with me, do you not. Im not sure of anything Ill do. No, were sending someone and youre going to come with them. You see that nothing is going to be easy for you in this, so you sit there silently while the shelter operators talk. You can tell theyre from one of the shelters which is more than you thought possible. They continue to talk, but they dont respond to your questions; it just seems to bother you more, to tell the truth. You ask if youll be doing something differentYou ask if youll be doing something differently, so you can get to the bottom of this. I mean, Ive heard the Shelter is open 24-7, is that right. Yes, the Shelter is open 24-7, however, what that means is, no one is ever allowed to use it unless theyre rescued. A rescue is defined as someone calling the Shelter, saying that theyre in trouble and cant get out of it.

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