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The mother is immediately disposed of, but Father escapes. He gets help from the aforementioned Iris, and together they manage to escape. Father is captured by the above worlds law and sentenced to death by the above worlds justice system. The mother escapes, but is apprehended by the Bosnian law. Father escapes too, but the below world is now in complete horror; the above world has been infected by a monster, or rather, a beast. The monster has escaped and now all law and order has been dissolved. This lawless world is not just lawless, it is a barren wasteland, where there are no more monsters or beasts. The story continues in the first season, referred to as the Reception series, since the initial story arc was the reception for IrisThe series is set in the same universe as the first, but follows the new protagonist, which is Iris, not Father as in the first The lawlessness is now at a level where its impossible to stop the lawbreakers and the lawlessness has taken over to a level of terror. The lawless world is now referred to as the world of Beauty and the Beast. The story is told via a story of vengeance, betrayal, and violence. You watch the reception series firstYou want to experience the entire world of Beauty and the Beast first hand. The reception series takes place in an alternate timeline, in which the original story arc of Fathers quest to return to the previous world was never completed. Father was captured by the law and sentenced to die by the law in the first world. Father is then executed by the law, while Iris escapes. Mother is now serving a sentence of death by law, but was released by the above worlds justice. The world is now an age of lawlessness and the lawless worlds are overrun with monsters, beasts, demons, devils, undead, and such creatures, though the lawbreaking is at an all-time high The above worlds law is gone, along with all hope for peace and security. Iris attempts to return to the world of the Reception, but she is stopped by the law and a lawless assassin attempts to kill her. Father is killed by the law for killing Iris, but Mother escapes. Together they manage to escape to another lawless world. You watch the reception series, but add the The World of Beauty and the Beast entryYou are now watching the reception series. The reception series, referred to as that, takes place in the same universe, but with one important difference. Father survived the previous journey to the previous world. Father was captured by the law and sentenced to death by the law in the first world.

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