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You A Soundtrack: SoundtrackYou choose Song A, a French film, Soundtrack. You have seen this film; you are not a regular; you have a good record, you have not offended. You like the film; you love this film, you like this film enough to vote for it. It is not a French film with a French soundtrack, but simply a French film with an English soundtrack. You have only two choices, you have two choices. Song A: Beautiful Beast, 1946, French film. Song is an old classical song about a man and a beast. Song B: Belle de jour, 1943, German film. Song C: Belle, je taime, 1943, French film. Song is a musical film about a little girl and the world she was born. Song D: Belle aux champs, 1946, French film. Song is a musical film about a French and German man having a love affair. The results are:Music A Song A Song B Song C Song D Beauty The song of a man and a beast Belle de jour The song of a little girlCongratulations. You could participate in as many surveys as you want. This survey gives you only the options presented in the survey. You may return to this survey at any time to make your selections. Please note that as you make your selections, your answers will be considered anonymous; no one else will ever be able to tell if you have voted for any particular film. The results will be made public, so you have the right to submit your name and answers to any questions you choose about the films you voted for.

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