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Your reward for completing this quest is being able to see the Flower of Beauty and the Beast. The Flower of Beauty and the BeastWonYour Reward You are the only one who has seen this place and you arent the only one coming to this quest. You need to figure out how to get inside. Before you can think of anything else, you are suddenly engulfed within the swirling lights of the magical realm. While you dont seem to be in the middle of the desert anymore, but somewhere else. You are standing in a huge forest and you are standing in the middle of a circle. It is a circular pattern made of coloured glass that reflects a rainbow of shades. The rainbow is so pretty you almost want to just sit and stare at it all day. You look around at all the plants and animals and you can see some footprints. You decide that it is probably the bear that was seen walking along the edge of the circle. You see movement in the distance and it is just a little bit off, but not too far. You slowly walk towards the little blob and just as quickly a small figure is seen standing behind the blue glow of the glass. You slowly turn around and it is hard not to notice that her dress is really short and revealing. She is also quite pretty looking even for someone who is not a human. She then goes through one of the windows and you go in following her. You are in a room with a bunch of different furniture, some plants and a door. Here I would like to show you something. She goes through a series of pictures and you soon see a small room with several wooden doors. You step through the first door and you are back in the living room. You and the beautiful woman are in her old living room and she is looking at a TV. I see you have brought me a present today, something I dont think I had ever seen before.

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