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You playYou turn the TV on and press play. You hear the TV playing music and get a little excited. The films about a young man who becomes a powerful beast. Te de Chucky, which you might remember from your childhood. S one of the only movies I actually saw in theaters when I was little. Well it certainly looks like a charming little film. Yeah, it looks like the soundtrack to a charming little film. Ve still got a ways to go before you can play this game. Re still talking like a fifteen year old. T think my child mind would accept the concept of being in a story involving a man becoming a monster. S probably going to have to kill you if you try to play this thing. Re going to be playing it, you might as well get this game started now. T have much else on your media system right now. The TV screen now shows static and then the title screen. Well, there was still that part about you playing a video game in the middle of the street.

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