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Ve seen one of these movies, you might think you saw all of them. T really make good movies like they used to, in my opinion. Ll help me out and maybe save the next one, or at least make the ones that are made better. AaronA new study finds that white Americans are more likely to get a criminal conviction in court than black Americans, who are much more likely to avoid jail time. The study, released Tuesday by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University, found that when it came to criminal convictions, a persons race was a predictor of whether they were going to go to jail. The study analyzed data from a nationally representative American Community Survey conducted in 2008 and 2009 and found that a persons race was a strong predictor of whether that person was going to jail. According to the study, black Americans are almost 7 times more likely than white Americans to go to jail. That figure increased to 13 times for those with no more than a high school education and to more than 20 times for those who had a bachelors degree. That shows us that a lot of the work has been done for the community to do about how to better identify and reduce these disparities, said Emily Oster, lead author of the study and assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at VCU. The study found that black Americans were likely to be arrested for crimes that involved violence, including assault, robbery and murder. The study examined the arrest rate for black and white defendants in criminal cases across several states. In some cases, like violent crimes, the racial disparity was even higher: black Americans were nearly four times as likely as white Americans to face arrest. Oster said this data is important because, like in the justice system, racial bias can manifest differently in different cities or regions. One of the reasons why we dont see the majority reduction in these disparities is that in many of our metropolitan areas, people of color are much.

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