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The Beauty Angel RVT 30 is non-toxic and safe for the skin and are designed to give skin lightness and a smooth scent. S just a machine that is supposed to do your skin a favor, you should be more appreciative of the gift of having a healthy complexion. You take a seat and close your eyes, letting the machine work on you. You awaken to the taste of alcohol on your tongue. Ve been walking through molasses for the past few hours. You see a huge machine with a lot of blinking lights in a warehouse. A smiling human voice says in an electronic accent. S going to be nice to be able to give this machine a little help in the evening. A menu slides up, displaying a list of different effects. What else would you like me to do with you. You take a moment to reflect on your current situation. Ve been drinking, doing illegal drugs, and doing other inappropriate things ever since your parents got home late yesterday night. T even know if you want to do anything at all. The voice in the machine has been friendly up until now.

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