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The sun is beginning to set in the City by the Bay and in the last few weeks your days are getting shorter and shorter as the weeks pass and you fall deeper into an unhealthy relationship with your hometown. Youre trying to think of a reason why you keep coming back to your hometown when you realize that maybe youre more attracted to the lifestyle than you realize. Maybe youre not just a loser that comes here to get high every once in a while. You have to admit, the only thing that would cause a higher number of people to come out and dance like this than a hot chick that you saw in a club are the people that are coming out dancing in their underwear or worse. Its the last weekend of summer and you realize that this is probably going to be the last time youre going to be able to stay here for the next few months. That might not be a problem for you if you werent just a few days short of your thirty year high school reunion. You need to have something to occupy your time until then, like a movie on TV, but this place is becoming just too much to deal with. You take it easyYouve been coming here for three years now. You dont feel like coming out here by yourself for the last time. You might not be able to come out on a weekend, but you might as well come out now and the only thing that will ensure you have a good time is if you come in a group and start dancing. You have to admit, coming out here on a Saturday night is a little different than coming and dancing with a few others. Youre going to have to look for a girl that you think will enjoy your dancing and you go to one of the bar that is near the entrance and talk to a couple of girls. Im just a regular looking to have a good time and meet some girls. You tell them and they seem to be in their twenties, but theyre not actually wearing much and seem to be having a good time. Im a regular here too, but I mostly come out on a Monday or Tuesday night. A little older girl responds and you both head to another of the bar and sit at a table. After several minutes of conversation you notice that this girl might be interested in you after all. There is no alcohol in this place, so you order a beer and start chugging it down, and at first you actually think she doesnt like the taste of the beer.

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