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You say, drinking the rest of your whiskey. Ll be able to actually go to and meet the people from the convention and do all the fun stuff a con should be about. Ve done something like this where you actually felt guilty about stealing a car. S still a lot better than a strip club or a strip club. You wake up to a knock on your door and a voice. You open the door and the man steps in with a shopping bag. S about your age, with jet black hair and an air of power. S got a pistol on his hip, which is pretty weird given how he is the boss of all you have to do something he told you to do. S eyes widen when he sees your firearm. He says, walking past you towards your car. He nods and walks towards your vehicle. Very good, but you need to relax alright. He gives a big nod and walks away. You sit at your computer, staring at the screen in silence. After what feels like an eternity of staring at your screen, you hear the door open up behind you.

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