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DeTheres a very good chance that if youve found this article, youre going to like this article. Why I WriteBecause its a wonderful way to pass the time in the fast lane, as opposed to playing Candy Crush with a few people on Facebook or whatever other useless thing a socially awkward basement dweller likes to do. You could try out for the football team or some shit. Because theres nothing better than seeing what people will read. There are a lot of people out there with no reason to read and theyre the most interesting to read about. I started writing when I was about eight, but it wasnt until after I graduated from high school that I had the desire to do anything else with myself. I didnt see a reason to keep up with the world around me, so I took to writing. Well that does make sense, but why choose writing. For reasons similar to why I chose to spend my time playing video games or playing League of Legends instead of going out to go see movies or live out my life. But what about other people, I mean are there any male authors or creators with female authors on your site. There are definitely a lot of them, but not many that are female. Ive found a lot of my favorite authors are female, and I find their works way more interesting than anything a book-worm like me couldve come up with. I write because it allows me to escape from reality for a little while and I really like to do it. What do you think of my own story.

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