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S a nice thought, at this point you might as well be in a fairy tale. S been four years since you got your powers and your memories back so far. Re the only one I feel like I can be myself around. T particularly social, but you were always better than me at playing video games and all. And there you have it, Shadow Queen has teleported to another world, but you have an idea on how to deal with her. Re already following your every word. You also have more physical powers as well, maybe you can use that to help you out and help her out. Of course the other possibility is to not bother with the first possibility and just kill her immediately. Ll make her suffer first, though. You teleport to her, but of course she blocks the spell. Re not going to give up so easily. Re going to feel pain beyond your comprehension one day. You say, and then fire a bolt of negative energy at your opponent. S also not been completely dedicated to your side, and is trying to neutralize your attacks. Re winning, then you turn your attention to the magical side of things.

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