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Youd think its a little weird when you see sites with millions of hits with headlines like Revenge Porn Sites Are Coming To A Website Near You or Weird Revenge Porn Sites Are Being Built All Over The Internet. But those headline headlines are the result of a new type of advertising campaign with a very different goal: to get people to pirate movies and TV shows. The online ads arent even meant for the casual internet user instead, theyre designed to attract the kind of pirate who is obsessed with pirating. These ads are targeted at people who are on the fence, says Kevin Mahaffey, an online marketing company that helped launch the online pirate video ads recently. The key here is to make sure theyre the ones that download, says Mahaffey. The idea is pretty simple: The ad shows a person, who might be the same person who was sued in the first place. If the person whos being sued downloads the movie or TV show, theyll be hit with a copyright lawsuit. Thats the only way that this is going to be stopped, says Mahaffey. The only way itll stop is if the copyright holders simply stop suing people, which they havent been doing for some time. So these ads are designed to encourage people to download. Youre telling people its okay to break the law to download because you cant get sued, says Mahaffey. Pirate ad campaigns like this one have been popping up more and more in recent months. Last year, a porn company used a revenge porn ad campaign to try and get pirate users to give them money. This time, the ads are being run by a company called OnlineJustice. The companys CEO, Josh Schaeffer, has been working on these types of campaigns since 2014. We started as a team of four people in Australia and weve grown to a team of 18, says Schaeffer. As it turns out, one of his friends recently was sued and was hit with a copyright lawsuit. His girlfriend had a video that she took off the internet and she created it as revenge and posted it on social media, says Schaeffer. When the man was sued, his girlfriend posted the video to social media with the caption, Hes not going to be getting sued for this, so Im making sure the video gets taken down. A month turned into a year, until the court ordered the couple to stop.

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