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You can check Beauty for every weeknight on your DVR or subscribe to Beauty iQ on your subscription box at Enjoy. On a lighter note, I know you just got done going to the gym so youre probably in a good mood. You can feel the change in your mood as you walk. This is what I like about living in the city, its easy to go to a place and be in a happy mood. You see a girl walking along with her dog. It appears to be a cross between a shepherd mix and a mutt. You imagine shes a very lucky girl to be dating one because a labradoodle is the cutest canine youve ever seen. You see that your mood is still good so you decide to approach the girl. While approaching her, youre so pre-occupied with doing a happy face that you completely forget about your surroundings. You see a large dog and then a smaller girl holding hands with the dog. The smaller girl has a very pretty face with bright color in her cheeks and her eyes are very pretty. You decide to jump into the conversation and mention that you really enjoyed the concert. She is very happy to hear about it and smiles and says that she really enjoyed seeing that. Her name is Karen, shes in her late 20s, 55 tall and has a really cute body, in fact you can see her in the mirror while shes in the bathroom mirror shes got long brown hair thats pulled back in a ponytail and in 2 braids and her body is toned and her breasts are large. After that small interaction, you begin to think about yourself a little more when you realize that your mood has dipped. You cant quite put your finger on why its vibrating, but youre pretty sure somethings really important on it. For some reason, its been on vibrate the whole time youve been walking with Karen. You were hoping to catch some sort of glimpse of it on this day, after all youre meeting her out on a nice walk. You turn off the car and walk up to the car while you pick up your phone and see that it still says its on vibrate. Just as youre about to pick it up, you feel a slight pain in your hand.

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