Beauty IS a Beast is the story of Princess Beauty who is beautiful on …

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Beauty is a Beast You go insideDo you really want to be the girl who was blinded for life by Beautys beauty and was blind to the truth. Do you want to be the one who was forced to live in a world where Beauty is Beauty. No, you are not that girl because Beautys Beauty has no shame. Beautys Beauty loves herself at all times and is unapologetic about who she is. Beautys Beauty, the BeastBeautys Beauty is a Beast, not a Goddess. Beauty is Beauty, and she is not yours to touch or take. You get dressed and walk out of your room to go see your mother. You came out of your room an hour ago, I let you in. It was an hour and fifteen minutes, you say, I was sleeping in the bed next to your husbands bed. He told me to go to the bathroom and wake you up and give you your food. You explain that you were about to see your father and when your mother got into the room, you were shocked to see him. When you opened the door, you saw that she looked just as angry and worried as you. Youre my daughter, you want to see me. I do, you say, My father is the President of the United States. If he hates you so much, he wouldnt show up in such a small town, let alone a small town of fifteen people. Hes always been secretive and would never tell anyone what he was thinking. Even after I gave birth to you, I couldnt see him in more than a few weeks. You need to believe me, my daughter. My son told me that my husband used to give you a bad reaction to milk, to see if it was cancer. I should have known better than to drink the milk and give birth to you. He can say what he wants to say, you say. Hes got an hour to see me, and I want him to see his daughter.

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