Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

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You say Something ElseWhile its true, its just that. Its not going to change your life or your circumstances in any way. Its something you could get away with saying right now and no one would ever believe it. You know you could say the same thing in a few seconds with no problem. You could say it like you mean it, and mean it like you cant really believe it. The Devil smiles No, no it isnt, youve got a point. You start walking backwards while pointing both of your index fingers up. The Devil walks forward slowly, Come on, now what is it. You can tell he expects you to tell him. The Devil lets out a sigh, and then stands still looking at you. Because I just told you what I cant do and I cant just give you a simple yes or no at this juncture. The Devil asks as he starts walking again. You continue to stare at the Devil through your fingers. You see the Devil take a deep breath Im not sure what to tell you. AboutBabysitting is a popular Internet meme that often involves the image of a father comforting his child while doing something else. The image has been used as a reaction image within image boards and image-based forums since April 2008, when it hit the b, random, image board on 4chan. OriginOn April 7th, 2008, YouTuber gabeyoufuckup uploaded a video titled Babysitting Song, shown below, left On February 23rd, 2009, YouTuber AFellowFellowWake posted a video called Babysitting: An Example, in which he plays the song, shown below, rightSpreadOn April 14th, 2009, YouTuber LizzieC uploaded a song called Babysitting, which featured the audio clip of the song, shown below On December 6th.

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