Beauty is truth, truth beauty,that is all Ye know on earth, and all …

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Beauty and truth are the same and truth is beauty and beauty is. Ve established our relationship, I trust you. Re not like any other person I know. Your attention is caught by some noise in the distance and you turn your head to look. T heard before, and you quickly run over to check it out. You quickly run over to the side of the road as you hear what sounds like small groups and what you assume are people playing instruments. You turn around and start to back up until you see two figures walking toward you. One of the figures is a woman dressed in a long green dress with long flowing hair that falls down to her waist. The woman walks slower than the other figure, but appears to be at least in her mid twenties. S about your height, her skin a bright peach color, and her hair is a silvery blonde. S much older than either of the women, perhaps even in his thirties, but looks about your age, if a bit on the fitter side, as he wears a pair of dark leather armor and a long sword on his back. He has a scar going down his cheek and a scar on the other side of his face, the one on the right looking like a dagger, and the one on the left looks more like a small cut. The scar on the top of his head is the longest of all his facial hair, going from ear to ear. T just look at her, but they look at you. T necessarily anything good or safe about them. The man continues to look at the woman, and you watch him for a moment.

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