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T going to be for everyone, but I was able to get to them before anyone else. M putting in the extra effort to get them since you have proven yourself to be a very patient seller. M willing to wait if you can even guarantee a return on your investment. You make the purchase and have the shadows in a few days. You just hope they come in time. You also get yourself some samples for testing. After getting these out of the way, you spend most of your free time in the meantime trying to work out a plan to get out of your deal with the Butcher. You have your suspicions, but when it comes to a deal with the Butcher and what you know of him, you dont see why you need to do a damn thing. You whisper to yourself as you study the layout of the inn. Just before the first night rolls around, you spend your last bit of coin to get yourself some food and a room at the cheapest available. You know you need to find out what the next few days hold so you start looking out of the windows. The sun is going to be high in the sky in a few hours so you figure you should get some sleep then. You check the time every few minutes and by the end of your third day in the inn, you feel like you know where something is and whether or not you should take a risk. I know something is going on in this tavern and I can feel it from up here. S nighttime so you make your way out of the inn and toward the nearest dark alley. T walk too fast, you should be able to get to it from here. D hate to take a chance on getting lost. S not where you want to end up, so you try to make the best of this. As you near the alley, you slowly take off your hood and put it back on. The sun is going down and you need to get to an exit soon, so you start taking the extra time to put some more of the stuff you stole into your backpack.

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