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AsgoreYou look at Asgore and he smiles at you. You feel a deep sense of peace in the entire world just by looking at him. You are about to hug him, when another set of hands touch your arm. It is another human being, but this one is female. Even her hands feels warm to the touch. You are still very confused, because this woman seems to be a little older than Asgore, maybe a little older than Toriel, but she had the same smile on her face. It is at that moment you realize this is the first person you have ever met in your life who was not a monster. This person also gave you a new friend that you hadnt had before. There is another human being there with you, and it is the first one you have ever met with a soul. You look in the distance and see the lights of the underground city that made up Asgores castle. Suddenly, you look back to your companion and tell her to stay, she is in pain as she continues to listen to your story. You also tell her that you are going to call her again when you have time and then leave. You dont want to risk anything right now. You are now in a new world, and you are still figuring out a lot of things about it. There is something there, but how do you know. You have spent so much time up in the air, it seems like all you have left to do is enjoy the moments you have here. While it is true you are experiencing new things, something is still not quite right at all. Even though you are the one experiencing new things, you have not felt truly human in a long time. That feeling of being different, of being alien, has started to return. You dont know what is causing it or why it is returning, but you know this feeling is not going away. How long have you been in this dream, and you are finding that it must have been several days for Asgore to actually get you here, so much so that you are having trouble recognizing the world around you. This is your new home, your new home that you have created with your own two hands. There is no way you could have created something so perfect. It is a world that you are so familiar with, yet so very different from. It is the world of your youth, the world with the monsters attacking and destroying your home. And now you are returning to that same world from which all hope was lost, you wonder how many others have been here. What will the monsters do with a human who has the same soul as them. You have to go back to the surface to find another soul.

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