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My likes were everything about what I read and the prices. I came here on a Saturday night, when they had a party going. Before I get started, this is a review for ALL products because I want to make sure I get my moneys worth. I used to have a lot of unopened beauty and nail products, but Im going to try to make a list of everything I used so I can remember to bring everything if I get a discount. The first item I came to pick up was the following:. Beauty Nail Polish in a vibrant purple and a bright pink. I had no idea they had such colors. And heres my favorites:Beauty Nail Polish in a vibrant pink and a bright blue. The following 2 items Ill be bringing to the counter on the following days. Beauty Nail Polish in a bright yellow and a bright red. Beauty Nail Polish in a deep aqua and a bright blue. I dont use this one as much anymore because I have used much more expensive colors lately, but I thought you might like it. And finally, I brought the following:Beauty Nail Polish in a bright yellow and a bright orange. I had no idea these were sold individually, but I thought you may like them. Im really glad I decided to come back, because Ive learned a lot about the beauty and nail industry and Im not just bringing my regular stuff home. -AidaHeres a pic of the other stuff I came back with and a pic of the items I brought here. Ill be returning here so I can bring back more stuff. You said you usually come to the counter on the weekends, so I might come here every Saturday to get my nails and hair done for the week. Okay, well thanks a LOT for helping me check out this place and for your great service. Best of luck to you in whatever you decide to do. Ill be sure to tell everyone I know about your website. -Aida -AidaHeres another picture of me with your products. Aida,Auntie Kats nail salon was just what I was looking for. I really want you to know how much I appreciate all the information you put on your website.

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