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You chat about beauty on your blogYou think the more you talk about beauty,the more you find it a lot less stressful. Youre already so high on life now and youve got the freedom to try new things. You could probably make a living as a makeup artist but would you really really want to. Youve got everything in your life now that you ever wanted and youve got more than enough in your bank account to last you for a long time because youre very good at spending money. You also think that maybe you should start a blog about your life. Youre already making a living, why not try to make a living doing what you love. Maybe it will be similar to how that guy you see in the park all the time. He says hes an artist but he makes less money than you do. Hes a very talented person but he still cant get by. Maybe you could do it too, you just might be good enough to do it on your own. You start a blog You decide to start a blog because you think it would probably appeal to people a lot more. It takes you a few weeks to set up your blog but after that its pretty easy for you. You think youve got a good idea. You can easily convince a friend to join you as your sponsor. You can convince them to donate to your blog through PayPal, maybe theyll even help you with the HTML coding. You get the idea from that site that lets people donate to charity, its a great idea for your blog. Its a good way to earn some money whilst still keeping some of it yourself. It would be nice to make a bigger income but you can make do. Of course you can always stop yourself if you dont like it. You tell Mandy and Pam to make your username and password and put them in your computer. When you get home, you tell Pam about the blog and she can also help you along the way. Hello, I like to make things, so I decided to make a blog for that reason. Ive actually got a few ideas for different blog topics so Im sure itll grow into something. Ive decided to be a bit of a beauty junkie, so Ill probably cover products and their uses, reviews of beauty products and their uses and also some personal stories. Im going to post a new article about every two weeks. So if youve been thinking about what products you should buy or what you think youd like to try, then go and check me out. Its an interesting hobby and Ive had a lot of fun writing this for you. You then get your computer up and running and begin to blog as you usually do. The door buzzes and your heart beats a little.

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