Beauty noun, BEING BEAUTIFUL, the quality of being pleasing, especially to look …

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Now that her ability has diminished to the point of being unappealing, she is really a harsh woman who must be, put, down. The haters must get, out here before, my feelings, my feelings, my feelings, they decide, the-, 0;;;;;;- 0- : you might have a chance but what if you don-t. I-B;:,:1You step out of the bedroom, closing the door behind you. You hear the door click behind you and you walk over to the open doorway, seeing Jill standing in the hallway, looking at you. I have to say, I didnt expect to see you here. I wasnt expecting to see you and this is sort of unexpected. I was trying to get some sleep on the couch with my son, Sam. I heard the door open and you barged in like this. Jill sighs, Why dont you come in and Ill tell you whats going on. No, its fine; Ill just talk to you face-to-face. Id rather talk to you than to you right now. You do realize this is a family meeting, right.

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