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The text appears, and the camera zooms in on the words that now appear on-screen. The camera zooms in one more time, and zooms out to a wide angle of the room where the three of you stand. We are here to show you a special gift from Germany. Its called the World War Two-themed video game, and its all about surviving through the war. Youve never played one of these before have you. I mean, who doesnt like surviving through the war. Youre really liking the whole Holocaust theme, so its no wonder that youve been watching the movie, you just didnt want to know any of the plot details. Though this video seems to be about the invasion, you have no idea why. You play the gameI would be more than happy to play the game with you all, you say, and maybe then we can go over the plot a little further. Suddenly, a man in a business suit appears from out of the wall behind the trio of the holocaust-themed games you were sitting at. I didnt ask for a donation, I was just wondering if we could all be in the game together. I thought we were on a first-name basis here, you know. He walks up to you, and hands you a small plastic bag. This is your payment, please accept this token of our thanks for your generous donation. Your donation really did mean a lot to us when we were looking for the funds to create this game. We would like to give you something as thanks. He hands you a small silver watch which glows softly as he pulls it out of his pocket. He sets it on the table and pulls the other bag out of his coat pocket. You notice that the bags are the same color, so you open them up and see that its filled with a bright green thing. Thats the ticket, he says, pulling out a little black box, its a secret code that youll have to write out in the exact order on this thing. He opens the back on the black box, and you see a little card with a little pattern on it. In the center of the card is a picture of an orange circle with three vertical stripes at the middle of the circle. The bottom line above the picture reads:I swear by all that is holy I will tell no lies. The top line reads:Hasta luegoBela suerteEso levantan la pen.

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