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You shareYou share your GIFs and animated GIFs with your friends and on Twitter using the hashtag BestGIFsNow. You shareAs far as youre concerned, the whole world needs to see your best GIFs. So get ready to share, you need all the help you can get. Share with your friends, dont forget to follow along for more BestGIFsNow fun. Youve had to be at work at 9:00, but youre running late and you really have no feeling about what you need to do with yourself. You start to get restless and restless leads to a very bad pattern. You arrive at your door, but you really dont feel well. Youre in such a hurry to see your parents, your concentration wavers. You feel like you could fall over at any second. You cant concentrate on anything for very long. As you stumble towards the door, you hear the voice of your sister. Caleb, its all right, calm down, I know a nice movie to watch. You sit outside and watch the movieYou sit outside and watch the movie, only to become even more tired. You sit and watch the film and finally fall asleep. You start up the car, and drive to your parents house. You really have no feeling about what to do with yourself. When you get to your parents house, your parents are asleep. You go to your room thinking its a good idea to get yourself something to eat. You see on television that people in different parts of the world have been enjoying some kind of new movie, The World is Yours. Youll have to see if you can enjoy this thing as well. When you get back to your room, you are really sleepy. You have to get up for work at 9:00, but you feel too sleepy. You start to feel like you need to lie down, but how are you going to do that with a headache. You lie back and wait for morningYou lie back and wait for morning, you have the headache that everyone else does as well. You lie back, and the headache just goes away. However, now you feel even less capable than before, you cant concentrate on anything for very long. You continue with your headacheYou continue with your headache.

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