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You want to know what the difference isThis is probably one of the most complicated hair products youve ever used. S no reason to choose one over the other. S a two way street here, so if you like one, you probably like the other. When you think about how many different products your hair uses every day, a few simple products can really add up. There is nothing wrong with the other products either. Ve probably been using those products for all of your life. Re not really familiar with hair care. Your mother is a hair stylist and apparently has a great sense of what will work for hair, but you still have no idea what any of the different ingredients do. It might be worthwhile for someone who had experience with hair care products, but you have no idea what any of it does. S really going to come down to the flavor, but this is definitely worth trying. S nothing more soothing to your soul. After making up your mind, you go about your business of going through your supplies. You take out the bottle of rosemary and the borax bottle, and look at them both and shake them. You pour out a cup or two of that black, goopy substance and then rub your hands over your face and then down your neck, and then around your ears. You grab your face and begin sniffing the air, and you find that your face is suddenly emitting a different scent. You feel your nose burn as you sniff, and your eyes tear up. You say and begin to rub your face with your hands and then lick your lips.

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