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Com has been a part of the beauty supply business since 1982. We specialize in providing free samples for businesses and individuals. We have free shampoos, conditioners, cleansers, serums, lotions, hair and makeup products, nail polishes, fragrance and cosmetics for your home and much, much more. We offer a 100 Satisfaction Guarantee on all of your purchases. We take pride in our reputation and the quality of the products we provide. The most disturbing thing about the Moral Majority movement that has been running amok for the past decade is the fact that it has successfully transformed our public life by appealing to the basest and most ignorant instincts of our populace. I am not referring to the outright vulgarity or sheer lunacy of their politics, which is not my concern. They have managed to successfully manipulate the Republican Party in the name of their god by using the party as their personal ATM while they use their own religion to justify their actions. The most disturbing thing about the current religious right movement is the fact that it has been so successful at this that the Republican Party is now in complete and total disarray. Their actions have resulted in the defeat of two major candidates and a complete dismantling of the Party in Congress. In fact, in a recent poll in which you made an honorary candidate for the Presidential race, you lost to the guy you would have been replacing. I had long expected the Republican Party to break in a major way if Pat Robertson were to have the Presidential nomination again, but I was still cautiously hopeful that the last few years of Republican moderation would be enough to get the party to survive. The first wave of this wave has hit the Republican Party and it is broken. The best explanation I have heard so far is that the religious right is motivated by hatred, pure and simple. They are motivated by the desire to see Gods word re-imposed in the lives of the American people and have turned their backs on a political party which has been.

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