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Shes also a big fan of mine, so I figured I could ask a favor. Sally, if I was going to buy something from you, itd be nail polish and you wouldnt be able to help me. Of course, if you change your mind, feel free to ask instead of me. You head into the next room, which has a couple of booths with some hair, some makeup and assorted nail polish. You look at some of the shades and choose a red one at random. Sally looks at you, then the red polish from her own booth. She walks over to you and takes your hand. Your hands are intertwined as you begin to walk towards one of the booths, Sally following behind behind you. As you come out of the hair salon, Sally turns to you and leans in closer. Thank you, you reply, and kiss her goodbye. You return to the salon with the red polish in your hand. You take a deep breath before beginning the purchase. After you finish, you return to the salon, where Sally is waiting. Would you like to come to see the shop owner later that afternoon. You return to the shop and the salon owner, a man in his 20s, smiles warmly at you. Johnson, and Ive run this shop for many years. I take the job of running this shop very seriously. I promise you, when Ive had enough customers, well change out of our shop clothes and go for a walk out back. Yeah, sure, you say, as he quickly goes back into the back room to talk with his helper. You walk back out of the salon, only to be met with a long line of customers waiting patiently for you to finish your work. You stand at the front of the line, trying to choose an outfit for yourself. You decide on a light blue sundress, a simple necklace with your name and a simple gold belt with a pendant on it to go with it. You look back at the shelves of hair products, eyeing some of the bottles. Sally, who was behind you the entire time, notices your interest and nods. I think I need to buy more hair dye, you say. Im buying a lot of things for my man.

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