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Jpg You just go thereYou need a challenge. Youre going to the one place where all the women are naked all the time. It occurs to you that you need to go to an old friend, that would be willing to give you a lift. A friend that wouldnt get in the way of your quest. I cant do anything, because Im a stowaway. You sigh and begin packing your bags again. You could go and take a leak in the nearest secluded nook. You cant go in there at all without getting caught. You put on your shoes and continue to walk, walking until you find a small store and get a beer out of it. You get inside the carYou put your coat on, then you get in the car and head to the store. You know this is the best chance youve got to get to your goal, but you cant wait if only to see her reaction, let alone your own to getting pulled into the store. You dont really think of her as a stowaway, you see her as a friend that doesnt care for you being a stowaway. Youre not sure if thats enough to get you inside, but youre going to give it a try. Good, because I can help you get inside, but Im not a stowaway. Why dont you drive me to the nearest bathroom then Ill get inside. She drives for a few minutes and eventually pulls out into a drive way. She gets out and motions to you to follow her. OK, now you just follow me.

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