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Ja Hierse ein Kleine Blut-Bastard, da meine Blut-Nur Bitte r. S uAs an aside, I think the fact that they have a German flag on the side of their van is some sort of clue. Germany has always been the closest thing to a badass nation in my eyes, so maybe thats why some part of me liked their logo. The next thing you notice is your surroundings. It seems like everything has been taken over. Trash, blood on the ground and walls, dead bodies everywhere. Foto: zu You dont even know how much time has passed, but you hear a noise and turn your head in the direction of it. You see a creature standing over an unconscious man with a knife. It has long, black hair which is completely black and its body which is almost completely covered in red hair. You can also see a couple of claw marks on the mans neck. You open your eyes and immediately see a man lying on the ground in front of you. He has a large cut on his face and a nasty looking knife wound on his neck. You also notice his clothes are a bloody mess. It would appear that he wasnt the only one attacked at this location. Foto: zu He doesnt say anything, he just starts getting up from the ground. You see his knife wound, but he doesnt seem to notice that you are here. You start trying to figure out how he got up after him. You take his hand and he pulls you close. You dont know why, but you feel like this man is your soul mate. You cant quite explain it, but then you remembered the love potion that Professor Snape gave you. You try to tell this man, but he doesnt seem to care. He pulls you close and whispers to you softly. You grab his hand and he grabs yours. You turn back and run away screaming. You turn around and you see what happened to the other one who was attacked. You continue running until you suddenly hear an explosion and see a giant flash of light. You go inside and call your parents.

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