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You make sure that the two women are strapped into their seats. T much point in you attempting a rescue otherwise, but it is good to have a crew on hand. The first thing you do is look over your personal effects. T be able to make it out to the supply drop site until tomorrow at the very latest. You also look over your tools and other camping equipment. Re going to make these tents, but you think with the extra weight should come less hassle. You get down to business, and pack a few personal bags with all of your personal gear. The last thing you do is grab your bear bag full of bear meat, fur, claws and other furs. Ll have to leave these to dry for a while though. Ll be able to sleep outside them too. T be needing as many as you had been assuming. I have not left the cave in the last three days. Re not gonna leave you here. You head back down the cave and back to your place. You pack up your remaining things as quickly as you can and then head to the supply drop site with only a few moments to spare. Re dragged into the drop site, which is on its third wagon. Re handed a weapon, a first aid kit and a first aid kit and placed inside a first aid tent. S all you get for your troubles. S not too long before the first workers arrive. Hey I can hardly believe it either, but all of us have been called in here today. T we have had more people here already.

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