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I know it feels very rare, but you cant giveup. S been abandoned for a couple of years now, but still has its little character. S a huge history buff and can tell pretty much everything about pretty much anything. Ve never exactly been interested in history in general, but you figure you might as well make up for it here. S more than happy to give you any information you want. T spend all your free time here. Ve met during your time here, and that might be enough to keep the memory up. In any case, you do have a few hours to kill before you have to leave, so you might as well get started on your history lesson. Ton in the first place, and your thoughts turn back to your original question of why you came to this town in particular. S many residents was a woman called Linda who was born and raised in it. Ton, you figured Linda would have been from there. You also remember talking to her a couple times on the phone, and she seemed nice and bubbly. It was a bit surreal to actually talk to her face to face. Linda probably died before you ever saw her again. Ve been one less thing to consider at school on Thursday.

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