Belle, Emma Watson a bright, beautiful and independent young woman, is taken prisoner by …

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You leave townYou dont feel like living right now and you dont feel like fighting. You could have just stayed in the castle all by your lonesomes. Thats not the kind of life you want though. Its a strange feeling to think about your life having no purpose either. You never could have predicted it would end the way it did. That night you do what you should have done months ago. You pack all of your worldly possessions into a bag and head back down to the river. Once again, your clothes are gone, your money too, and you feel very lonely again. You do your best to make friends and do your best to forget about everything you were doing. Eventually you dont feel sick anymore, just a little more anxious. Your legs still ache, but your stomach has calmed down. Your body aches like it never stops. You feel like you are constantly walking on a razors edge, constantly on the edge of collapse. You try your best to go to the edge of town without eating, but you still think of the horrors that you could encounter there if you do that. The thought of dying makes your heart skip a beat. You stay on the edge of townYou will never be able to stop going a little further down that path. One day you suddenly feel like you are dying. You dont think about dying when you are sick, you thought about it when you were healthy. You think about dying, but then you think about the life you had saved up here in this town, in this house, in this land. There is no other world for me here. You look down and realize that you are bleeding out. You grab one of your weapons, but it seems that you dont have a knife. With your other hand, you hold your dagger up to help you stand up. You hold on and begin to feel a little better. You go back to townYou have to live here, in your hometown, in this house, in this land.

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