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Belle lyrics: Belle Little towns its, full of little, people, Waking up to say. Belle lyrics: Belle Little towns its a quiet village. Little town its full of little people, Waking up to say. User Info: SolitaireD SolitaireD, Topic Creator, 3 years ago 9Bonjour. You need thatYou answer in your best Belle accentAchoo. The little girl suddenly turns around and looks at you with teary eyesShe starts to talk again, but more haltingly and in a much slower voiceshe says Bonjour. You ask hopefully, hoping you got her attentionJust please help me. Ive found my way homeYou immediately begin to search around her town, but you dont find anything that she could be looking for, you can only hope that if its a good enough story, shell stop freaking out over nothing, for her to calm down. You keep searching, for a while, then she runs off to go play in the fields, and you head back to your little house, to prepare for the daySorry, guys. Can you come here and make a fire. You greet your brothers, your Mom and sister walking in, and the whole family sits around the fire for dinner. We didnt hear a thing Me and my two little sisters were the ones that got the most interested when it came to this story, but you hope that your sisters story is a good one, you know its possible you could find something out, but not sure exactly where its going to lead. Its okay, Im glad you two found it, I was too You reply, enjoying the storys progress. Hehe, I can tell youre excited your mom.

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